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Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.

ATL Management
Company Story

Atl Management is a 360 talents management company birth to discover and invest on unique upcoming talents in any sector of the entertainment industry and bring them to the international limelight.

We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artist can thrive and reach their maximum potential swiftly through by harness the right network and process.

ATL Management leverages diversity and youthfulness as a source of our strength as a team and shapes our views.

Our Vision

To become a premier 360 Talent Management company of African origin.

Our Mission

To empower and promote musical talents through a combination of digital media and strategic partnership to build and grow their career

How We Build and Promote Artists

We leverage music consumption data through various distribution channels to discover, sign and build rising talents. We partner with artists we believe in with flexible deals offering services that help them group exponentially

Strategic Planning

Our team of industry experts work with artist to develop global release strategies, making sure your music is heard by people that will love it.

Playlist Pitching

We have a close relationship with right people at the right place and talk to them regularly to pitch our tracks

Artist Branding

You’ve already got the music? We make sure that your brand , and media coverage look as good as you sound

Artist Press Release

We develop campaigns to make right noise about your music, including digital marketing, social media and partnerships

Let's go on to this journey of making uniquely soul blessing tunes.

Our Projects and Involvements

We are constantly evolving, building impactful projects that will not just generate revenue but also build human capital, talents and liberate the African communities.

Showcasing Nigeria stories

A TV documentary designed to share Nigeria historical transitions in a unique and yet entertainment model

For Artist

Share your music and build your fan base a Zero cost. Publish your songs to a large pool of audience.

Music Lovers

Explore thousands of unique sound and that of your favourite. Discover new artist, albums, mixtapes.

For enquiry and more information

We are eager and keen at listening and collaborating with our communities, leverage the contact details below to reach out us.

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